May 31, 2010

Rachel's 8th grade graduation!!

Rachel's graduation from the 8th grade. She was so happy that day to be moving up-ward and on-ward. She is very excited to going to high school in the fall. CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL!!! We love you and are so proud of you!!

May 11, 2010


Apr 11, 2010

Jake wrestling 2010 Jakes in green.

Winter 2009 Sleigh ridding

Halloween 2009

Summer 2009 vacation Pueblo, CO State Fair

Isaac and Ana 2009

Dave running track 2009

Ana 4/11/10 two years old

2010 Easter photo

I am really bad at keeping up with my blog. I am better on facebook then this. I need to do better. We are all doing very well. I have one week until Elijah Daniel will be born April 19th, I can't wait.

Jacob: will be 9 tomorrow April 12th. He is in third grade. He enjoys wrestling, and looks forward to joining a city soccer team this spring/summer. He try's very hard to make others happy. He is a good boy.

Ana: Turned two last Thursday on the 8th. She is such a fun little girl to watch grow up. In my opinion she is way ahead of her age. She want's to be big!! She loves Makeup and jewelry, makeup, shoes, cellphones, to talk on the phone, baby's/dolls, strollers, dress-up's', etc, she is truly a little princess!

My children are growing up so fast. It is a lot of fun to see them in all of their different stages and personality's.

Joe: turned 9 on March 20th, He is also in third grade, he to loves sports and playing outside and just well, being a boy! He is a very sweet boy.

Abby: turned 7 in March, on the 13th. She is in first grade. She is very much so into all of the girl drama. She is learning how emotional other girls her age are, and how fast they can switch from one friend to another. I have had to ensure her this is a girl thing and she just needs to hang on for the ride, and be the best friend she can be, even though it is "LIFE".
She is also looking forward to playing a sport or getting involved in ballet. She is a wonderful big sister to Ana and Isaac and they look up to her, she is a good little mother to them.

Isaac: He is three and dose not think it is fair that half of the family gets to have a birthday before his in August. He is 100% all boy. He loves to play outside, watch tv, hang out with his brothers, climb things, play trucks. He keeps me on my toes. He say's some of the funniest things. His latest is "Mom is that Baby ever coming out? I think he is going to stay in there forever!"
He wants to join a sport. He loves to be apart of the family. He can not wait to go to school like all of his brothers and sisters, after all "Mom, I am big!"

Josh: is doing very well in school. He will be 11 in June and looking forward to going to 11 year old scout camp with his Dad. He is also looking forward to attending middle school this next year with Dave. He will be in the 6 grade! WOOHOO.. He is such a good boy, he gets a long with everyone. He played wrestling this last winter with his brothers (on the city level) He had a lot of fun, I think he learned a lot, but most of it was the opportunity to just go and play and have fun.

Dave: is in 7th grade. He is on the school soccer team. He gets amazing grades, He loves to read and hang out with his family. He is a deacon in church, and by the way the shortest one by far out of all the deacons. When he turned twelve this last July I had almost half the ward come up to me and ask if he was truly 12 and a deacon, they could not believe that he was old enough due to his height, poor kid. What he does not have in height he makes up for in brain power and then some! He is an extremely smart young man.

Rachel: is 14 and has Amazing grades. She is good at whatever she puts her mind to, she has taught herself how to play the piano, violin, flute. But not only has she thought herself to do these things she ends up in the advanced classes at school with in three months after she picks up the instrument, she has amazing talents in that respect that will take her far in life. She is also playing soccer for her middle school, and having a great time. She is looking forward to going on our church Trek this June. She enjoys running, bike ridding, and being outside, She even likes school.

Julie: is 16, she is not driving yet. She is number 26 in her academic grade level for her class. We are very proud of her. She is doing very well. She is looking forward to getting a summer job and having her own money:) She loves young women's playing the piano, choir, computer, reading, writing, school. She too does very well at whatever she put's her mind to. She is a great help in our family. She is looking forward to attending BYU in a few years, and with her grades I don't think that will be a problem for her. She also is looking forward to going on the Trek with Rachel.

Jeff: He switched jobs in October and went from Sybase to Sun Microsystems, and then they were bought out in February by Oracle. He like his job. The only bad part is because of the timeliness of the job changes he has no vacation time for the baby to be born and will have to makeup the day.
He just planted 8 fruit trees in our back yard yesterday. We thought it would be a good way to add to our food storage, as well as enjoy the beauty of them, and the yummy fruit. He loves to read, work on the computer, work in the yard in the sun in his spare time, run, and ride bikes. We have been getting involved in the republican party, He also enjoys reading the scriptures.

Aliesha: I am busy raising soon to be 10 children. They are the love of my life, even though they challenge me the most. I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my son on April 19th (scheduled c-section) Elijah Daniel Nuttall. I am very excited to meet him.
I am taking a Psychology class from BYU right now and trying to find the time to get it done. I enjoy being a soccer mom, even though it is hard to juggle everything at times. My life is defined by the role that I play as a mother, and the work, goals, challenges that life throws at me. I enjoy spending time with my family and especially my husband. He is my best friend. I love to watch my children grow. I also enjoy getting out once in a while with friends. Life has been good to me and I have been richly blessed with all that I have. I never dreamed I would raise this many children, but I would not change it either.

well that is us for now I hope you have enjoyed reading about our family.

Mar 21, 2009

Abby's first time rollerskating

Abby had so much fun today going roller skating for the first time. When I asked her how it was? And if she had a fun time? she said "yah but I fell down on my bum a lot, and it hurt." I told her that is what happens when you go roller skating.
I can not believe how fast she is growing up!

Mar 17, 2009

My Family is the most important thing in my life. We have a huge family but it is a lot of fun. We love to spend time together. Life throws us a lot, but we try to make the best out of it and deal with each situation as it comes. I am trying to learn to laugh more, and fret less:~) trying is the "key" word. I am busy chasing kids all day, which leaves very little time for myself. That is not bad some days, but hard others. These days I don't seem to have many hobbies other then house work, painting, and taking care of kids, and oh did I mention taking care of kids.. I Love to cook (when I want to.) I also enjoy cutting hair. I love playing with my Family & Friends. I enjoy most of all watching my children enjoy their lives. A child's laughter is one of (if not) the greatest things in life!
I love my Husband very much, He has given me so much to be grateful for. We are best of friends. We love spending time together. I love to make him laugh and know that he is enjoying his life. I hope they will all truly know how much I love them and just how much each and everyone means to me. I try hard to give my family the things they need most.
When I drop my children off at school I tell them I love them, to remember who they are, and to return with honor. I believe this does and will make a difference in their lives. I know it did when I was growing up.

My side of the family

Aug 10, 2008

My Beautiful Family

We took this picture and many others while we where on our summer vacation in Utah. I am so glad we had this taken. I am so overjoyed to have such a beautiful family.

Here is Analiesha

Here is the newest member of our family. Her name is Analiesha Joleen Nuttall. She is three months old in the picture. She is a true joy in our lives. The children all love her very much especially Isaac! He calls her Ana as do I. You can hear him saying all the time Ana, Ana, He loves her a lot. I am so glad she is here and apart of our lives.

I love my 5 boys. They are so fun to watch and laugh with. It is amazing the stuff they come up with, especially Dave.
You have to love this look! He is trying to pose for the picture! You can kind of see Dave off to the side.
Isaac love to keep all of us on our toes. It is fun to see all that he is learning from words, talking, playing, getting in to, etc.
Do you see what I mean with how much he has changed! He loves to hang out with his brothers.

Look how I've changed

I was going through some pictures today. I came across this cute picture of Isaac, I can not believe how much he has grown and changed. He was soooo cute and innocent here ( or should I say that this is before he was mobile:)


Crazy Horse Monument

About Me

I am a mother of 10 Children! Elijah was born on the 19th of April. I love my children, but 10 is a lot. I know that this is my purpose, and I am thankful that I have been blessed with children. 13 years ago it did not look like I would ever be able to have children, even as late as 10 years ago. Not only have I been blessed with a child, or two but many children. I am a stay at home mom who really enjoys her job most days. I enjoy cleaning, teaching my children,cooking, collecting cook books and cooking tools, scrap booking, facebook, taking photos, gardening & just being outside.